7 Reasons Your Brand Is Your Key to Success

In today’s connected world, your brand is equivalent to your reputation. Whether you’re an athlete, author, startup or a thriving business – your brand is what defines you and what can allow you to grow exponentially. We’ll explore a few reasons why having a strong brand is your key to success in your field.

1. You capture your audience quicker

With a strong brand, cold contacts are more likely to use your services or product. If you’ve ever had to order a takeaway and were discouraged by the lowly digital appearance of the nearest pizza shop – case and point. Building a strong brand will increase the likelihood that new (and existing) users, customers and clients will use whatever it is you’re selling, be it a service or a product.

2. You build recognition and generate organic growth

Your brand is more than just your visuals. From the video content you put out, to your voicemail and customer service. Once you’ve established a brand you make it easy for your existing clientele to refer you (people want to share their good experiences), and you build instant recognition with the people who have never used your service. If you think of McDonalds, everybody knows that the golden arches stand for the fast-food chain, even if you’re never been to one.

3. You free up time to build other aspects of your business

When your brand is on point, you can step away and start pursuing other enhancements to your business. For example, if you own a well-branded car detailing shop, your clients will be more receptive of an add-on that you start promoting (such as a car detailing service or a car wash). If it looks good, works good, and feels good, you’ll be more likely to build solid connections and attract more interesting opportunities – see the next point.

4. You open the door for partnership opportunities

Everyone is looking for opportunities. Those that have a solid brand, and again this goes beyond just your visuals, you will attract partners to your business who want to partake in your amazing image. If you’re a fast food provider you may attract a delivery service offering you a discounted partnership for example. The possibilities are endless.

5. You attract the best talent

Everybody wants to work for Google. It’s a well-branded organisation. If you come across (and most importantly are), a brand that rings a positive bell – you’ll be sure to attract some great talent to your doorstep.

6. You can fake it until you make it

Sometimes your product isn’t quite where you want it to be. This is usually the case for startups delivering an MVP or a prototype. In these instances your brand can save you. When you have a well-thought-out brand, you attract all of the above points, and engage them so as not to let your opportunities pass. A poor product with a poor brand won’t get very far, a poor product with a good brand will at least get some eyeballs.

7. You build your self-confidence

This one’s easy. If it looks good, works good, feels good, and is good – you feel awesome!

In conclusion, having a well-structured brand is your key to success, no matter what industry or stage of business you’re in. At Starting Dimensions, we work with individuals and companies from all walks of life to develop their full brand and achieve success.

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