About Me

Hi, I'm Alex.

I am a former public relations and project management professional turned consultant and entrepreneur. 

I left the corporate world in 2018 following stints at some of the largest companies and organisations in the world – including the GSMA, the Pan American Games and Penta (formerly Hume Brophy). Starting Dimensions was born in 2015, as a consultancy doing website and logo work for friends. Shortly after, I joined OnTrack Sports as a public image consultant for professional footballers and then started my first startup.

The Starting Dimensions brand has evolved over the years. I’ve worked on business strategy, built mobile apps, created dynamic brands and provided general advisory services to founders, consultants and businesses big and small.

Today, I split my time between consulting for Starting Dimensions and building an AI startup – KitLegit. I’m based full-time in Lisbon, though I can often be found in London, Toronto or Barcelona.

I work in English, French, Russian, Spanish or Portuguese.