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Pitch Decks

Your pitch deck is probably your biggest asset when it comes to an early-stage startup. Your deck isn’t just for investors, you might be pitching new clients, partners or hires.

I help founders build their decks from the ground up.

Absolutely not, we can start from from a blank slate, or rework an existing deck together.

This depends on you. If you’d like me to rework or create your deck for you – no problem.

Alternatively, we can work together through a number of collaborative sessions.

Ideally, you should have your business plan ready to go.

If not, this is something we can work on as well before getting to your pitch deck.

Usually this would take at least one week, however it all depends on your current progress and the information you have available.

Shorter timeframes may be possible.

This depends on the amount of work required. A simple redesign will be cheaper than starting from scratch.

My pricing starts at $99 USD.

Let’s connect to chat about your needs and requirements.


The main essence of your deck is the content. No matter how great it looks, if the content isn't there - you'll lose your investor, your sale... First, we start with content.


Once the information in your deck is complete, branding is what makes your deck memorable. As long as your deck is aligned to your startup brand values, then you're already miles ahead.