Case Study

Hussein Amer

We worked with Hussein to create a brand identity from scratch, starting with stylesheets and colors, all the way through to logos, into animations and a sophisticated, minimalist website to convey his vision.

Hussein Amer
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Client Overview

Hussein Amer is an up-and-coming building developer in the Greater Toronto Area. With a vision to create timeless, sophisticated residences that go beyond the ‘standard’ or the currently ‘in-style’. Hussein strives to build timeless residences that capture and excite.

Logo Design

When working with Hussein on his logo, we took into consideration his vision and values for the brand, matching its aesthetic to these elements. We opted a sophisticated, timeless design that showed elegance and flexibility in its use.

Color Choice

The colors behind the Hussein Amer brand were also chosen to reflect the sophisticated and timeliness manner of the brand. The off-black colors were chosen for their simplicity and elegance, while the bronze hues were a perfect foil that matched his vision and values. The three bottom colors were added as a reserve for elements that needed to pop within the brand.

Screen Shot 2022 06 30 at 1.11.12 PM | Starting Dimensions

Pattern Choice

We opted for classic architecture-inspired patterns that could be used flexibly throughout the brand. The patterns both have curvy and straight lines, and allow for easy interchange when needed.

UX/UI Design

To reflect Hussein's choices in his color scheme, and match the logo, we opted a minimal, dark design within this landing page. Highlighting his skills and services, we added minimal text as support, and focused on the bronze-backd imagery to give the pages elegance and sophistication.

Screen Shot 2022 06 30 at 1.05.31 PM | Starting Dimensions

Final Outcome

Hussein's minimal website was delivered in alignment with his vision for the brand. With flexibility to add more elements as his portfolio grows, the website was a unique representation of thinking outside the box, and going beyond the conventional, much like the client's work itself.