Case Study

FutbolMarkt Ltd.

Our process with the FutbolMarkt team took us from initial stylesheet and logo design, to full mobile app and website design, development and implementation. We worked with the team to build an entire brand and associated element from scratch.

FutbolMarkt Ltd.
Branding | Logo | Development | Marketing
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Client Overview

FutbolMarkt is a new startup in the sports and ecommerce sector, looking to unite the world of football fans, players, collectors and sellers into one place. Based in the UK, the startup aims to build a platform to allow users to buy, sell, trade, lend and borrow authentic football goods.

Mobile App Design

Our team used Figma to design and test multiple concepts and prototypes that fit the FutbolMarkt brand. The design used the brand colors and imagery, and a clean and minimal interfce maintained throughout. The team developed both dark and light variants of over 75 screens within the mobile app.

Screen Shot 2022 06 30 at 11.47.12 AM | Starting Dimensions

iOS & Android Development

Our team of frontend and backend developers used Flutter as the basis of the iOS and Android apps. Aiming for speed, the project was released in multiple phases, with features continuously added in every development cycle.

Landing Page Development

The FutbolMarkt website went through multiple iterations dependent on the stage of the company. Our initial work focused on creating a web-based marketplace, which was later removed when the company pivoted to a mobile-only approach. The subsequent landing pages were designed to have a feel consistent with the mobile app design.

Brand Recognition

Part of our work with FutbolMarkt included creating a recognizable brand identity. Our approach was to maximize the visuals of FutbolMarkt by creating a unique and original filter on all associated imagery. The washed brown highlighted the bright colors within photos, and accentuates the vibrance of the sport.

Social Media

Our approach to the FutbolMarkt social media was to use a combination of original photographs, app mockups and edited stock photography, all consistent with the FutbolMarkt filter. The goal of the social posts was to increase brand awareness and push users to download and interact with the app. Starting Dimensions assisted with all creation and management of FutbolMarkt socials.