You're about to start a business, or pivoting an existing one. This comes with a number of challenges. Let's tackle them together.

Anthony Cianni
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Hussein Amer
OnTrack Sport

Clarity of direction

Work with me to build an understanding of why you're building your business and for who? How will it make money and what is the scope.


We'll put in place the gears, pulleys and tools behind the business. We'll define the starting point, and the milestones you need to achieve for business success.

Strategy Execution

The most important aspect. I'll work with you to help guide your progress, keep you on the right path, and tackle any valleys as you progress through implementation.

A business idea is only as great as its delivery.
The key is breaking it up into achievable milestones.

Video or

All of our sessions will be hosted via Zoom or Google Meet, or in-person if we are located in the same geographical proximity.


Before we start, we'll lay out our entire plan for our work together including all sessions and workshops. The approach will be customized to your unique needs and situations.


To help with implementation, we'll put in place processes and mechanisms to lessen your workload, while achieving each of your set milestones.

Client Feedback

I worked with Alex in my career transition, to strategize and develop a plan for my new journey. I loved all the workshops and couldn’t be happier with how everything came together.



Anthony Cianni

I worked with Alex and Starting Dimensions to put together a brand strategy for my side-gig. I really loved the attention to detail in my plan, as it’s the small things that really make a difference!



Michelle Tanega

Alex was my Public Image Consultant at OnTrack Sport, helping me put together the strategy for the business and for his work with professional footballers. Cannot recommend enough!



OnTrack Sport

Let's Chat

Whatever your project size or scope, I'm here to help. Book a free intro or send me a message!

Whatever your project size or scope, I'm here to help. Book a free intro or send me a message!