Planning & Design

Whether you're refreshing an existing brand identity, or starting from scratch - let's work together to create something powerful.

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Set Foundations

Building a brand, is like building a house - we start with the foundations that hold it all together. Your mission, vision and values, the WHYS and WHATS to your businesses.

Create Design

Once the brand pillars are in place, we will align them to the visual aspects of your brand. From stylesheets, to logos, brand templates, email signatures and more.

Build Experience

Finally, we'll cover the communication, messaging and experience behind your brand to ensure each user interaction is as good as it can possibly be. It's the details that matter.


A strong personal brand opens doors. I'll work with you to make sure it is aligned with your personal and professional objectives - whether you're starting from nothing or pivoting in your profession.

We'll do a full brand audit, set objectives and go through the process from start to finish.

Branding will open doors and attract potential customers.
A great product or service, will keep them there.

Video or

All of our sessions will be hosted via Zoom or Google Meet, or in-person if we are located in the same geographical proximity.


Before we start, we'll lay out our entire plan for our work together including all sessions and workshops. The approach will be customized to your unique needs and situations.


To help with implementation, we'll put in place processes and mechanisms to lessen your workload, while achieving each of your set milestones.


Want to go at your own pace, try out my brand masterclasses. Created with a Notion framework, work through over 80 modules, workshops and readings to build your business and personal brand from the comfort of your desk.

Client Feedback

Completed a number of project with Starting Dimensions and Alex, including a full rebrand – as well as building and designing a website, mobile apps and internal software. Very satisfied with the results.



Back Four Brand Protection

I worked with Alex to pivot to a more sophisticated brand for my building design business. It was challenging to blend my personal brand with my professional but very happy with what we achieved!



Hussein Amer

As a real estate agent I’m in a very competitive industry so it was important to build a clean and professional image. We went through the entire brand journey and my clients have all been incredibly positive in their feedback.



Homes By Adas

Let's Chat

Whatever your project size or scope, I'm here to help. Book a free intro or send me a message!

Whatever your project size or scope, I'm here to help. Book a free intro or send me a message!