Brand Development
Programmes for Startups & New Businesses

Self-taught or mentor immersive brand development programmes for new businesses. Designed for founders and teams who are ready to make their brand identities stand out in crowded spaces.

Created By Founders

For Founders & Their Teams

We are a group of entrepreneurs, brand strategists, marketers and graphic designers – all of us have undergone the journey of building a business from scratch. We’ve put together a series of resources and programmes, the brand launchpad, to help businesses and their leaders create, grow and expand their brand identities.

Phase 1

Brand Discovery

Build the foundations of your brand. Like building the foundations of the house, these key concepts will be the pillars upon which your business stands.

Phase 2

Brand Design

Create the tangibles for your brand, starting with a stylesheet, logo, imagery and document templates. Curated guidelines on how to do it yourself or hire an external resource.

Phase 3

Brand Marketing

Learn how to grow and scale your business, with workshops and tasks to get you ready for growth. A focus on workshops and activities over theory.

Phase 4

Digital Identity

Decide how to host your digital identity, and how to implement it online. Practical tips for beginners and experts alike to get started.

Stage 5

Personal Branding

Understand how to leverage your strengths and minimize your weaknesses in the online world. A crucial puzzle piece for founders looking to scale their businesses.

For Business Owners

For those who want to take immediate actionable steps towards building a solid business identity.

Five Key Phases

Our programmes are divided into Brand Discovery, Design, Marketing, Digital Identity & Personal Branding.

Readings & Workshops

All programme steps involve readings and workshops to be completed on your own or with your team.

Self-Learning or Mentor-Led

Go at your own pace, with as little or as much mentor support as you need in the programme

Budget-Friendly for New Businesses

Our programmes are designed to be accessible and affordable for business and startups of all types.

Key Learnings & Deliverables

A rock solid business plan, brand identity, marketing strategy and digital presence.

Meet Larry & Grace

We’ve created a set of fictional characters to help us teach the art of brand building for new businesses and startups. They’ll be building their brand right along with you in all of our branding development programmes.

Designed by Mentors

Why are we qualified to help? All of us at Starting Dimensions have founded, or been part of new businesses many times over. We know how it works, and we know how to put theory into practice.

Consultant | Mentor

Consultant | Mentor

Consultant | Mentor


Graphic Designer

Founder Reviews

What people say?

I wanted to build out my brand and business, but I never knew where to start or what I should do. I am so glad I gave this programme a try. The best part is that I can go through the programme whenever I have time. It is so convenient.
I signed up for the Immersive Programme to learn how to build my brand and grow my business. I was impressed with the quality of the mentor's feedback and the flexibility of the programme, which enabled me to learn while still running the business. The modules were comprehensive and easy to follow.
Hostel Owner

Our brand development progammes were created through our own experiences – if its a module, it means we’ve done it ourselves. As full-time business owners, entrepreneurs and consultants, we only teach what we know.

Alexander Protsenko, Alex Protsenko, Brand Mentor, Starting Dimensions Mentor, Consultant
Alex Protsenko
Founder & Mentor
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