About Us

A branding agency
catered to founders

Starting Dimensions has evolved over the years. Initially, it began as Alex’s consulting brand and later transformed into a company providing a range of services such as logo design, web development, and general brand consulting. However, in late 2022, we recognized the need to offer more value. Our solution was simple: to share our knowledge with new business owners in a cost-effective and customized manner.

And so, the new Starting Dimensions was born. Drawing from our own experiences as entrepreneurs, mentors, and business owners, we have dedicated over 400 hours to create accessible modules that can be utilized anytime, anywhere. Starting Dimensions encapsulates the wisdom we have gathered throughout our journeys, providing what we wish had been conveniently available to us when we started.

Our genuine desire is to assist new businesses in their inception—a gratifying endeavor that surpasses many others. Despite our involvement in various ongoing projects, we have designed the program to accommodate your schedule while providing our unwavering support. We are excited to collaborate with you and help your business thrive.


To empower startups & first-time founders through mentorship and practical, self-learning brand masterclass programmes, fostering growth and success. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and their businesses thrive.


To be the ultimate go-to resource for startups and founders, providing a comprehensive, tangible set of resources to empower them to thrive, gain a competitive advantage, and overcome potential challenges to ensure their sustained growth and success.


Empowering purpose-driven growth through clarity, impactful mastery, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

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Founder @ KitLegit | Starting Dimensions
Founder @ Izzy Green Content
Founder @ OP Spatial Analysis
Graphic Designer