Inspiring Growth Through Brand Discovery Workshops

At Starting Dimensions, most of work we do will always start with a brand discovery workshop. Whether we’re helping design your logo, creating a website, or simply providing consulting services.

Why is this important? In our minds, brand discovery is the basis to everything that your business does. Your brand will affect the way in which you promote your product, your website look and fell, and importantly – how your users/clients/customers perceive you.

With those points being so crucial to your success, here’s what our brand discovery process looks like:

The initial brand discovery questionnaire

The first step of our work with our clients is getting them to fill in a questionnaire about themselves and their business. This exercise is designed to both get our clients thinking, and to provide ourselves with the information that we can use further down the line. We will ask questions such as ‘what is your mission statement?‘ and ‘which of the following key words describe you?‘. From the abstract, to the concrete we want to flush out as many details as possible.

The brand discovery workshop

The next part of our work is perhaps the most important. In most cases, our brand discovery workshop will be a virtual meeting where we discuss your answers and use a Miro board to start mapping out what your brand will look like. We’ll narrow down some key concepts, and ensure that we understand what you envision your brand to look like. The workshop should take between 60 – 120min depending on the completeness of your answers and your business type.

The brand report

As the final part of the jigsaw, we will digest and provide recommendations based on the information from both the workshop and the questionnaire exercise. As a written document, this report can be used to then fully direct your entire business going forward. From visuals, to voicemails and your entire brand – to ensure you have a cohesive presentation across the board.

Brand Discovery

What about elements like visuals?

The visual identity of a business (or individual) is something that we often tackle either jointly, or through recommendations. For some businesses, we host a separate workshop where we dive into colors, styles, imagery and design concepts to narrow down what they would like their brand to look like. For others who wish to save time, we simply make some recommendations to take them forward.

Having a strong visual identity is key, but often over-valued for some businesses. A startup with a limited budget most likely won’t be too concerned about fonts while they are still developing their initial prototype (but need guidance on colors and imagery). Meanwhile, for an established business looking to modernise it’s identity, the simple change of a font can drastically improve it’s already-established brand.

The way we work to establish the visual identity of a business is dependent on a multitude of factors that we establish during the initial brand discovery workshop.

Visual Identity - Starting Dimensions

How long does the process take?

The brand discovery process can take from a few days, to a few weeks depending on the time availability of our clients, and the elements that go in the process. Our initial timeline of questionnaire – workshop – report, takes approximately one week on average.

Ready to get started?

We work with businesses and individuals of all types, sizes and budgets to ensure their business has the right brand foundations to be successful. Get in touch to book your intro appointment and go through our brand discovery workshop with one of our consultants.

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